What is CAADAC Certification?

Caadac Certification is a US-based certificate. The full form of Caadac certification is the California Association of Alcoholism and Drug and Abuse Counselor. It is one of the largest certificates in AODA field. It was established in the year 1979. Since it was originated it becomes the most precious certification for the members who want to work as a counselor.

Thousand of the counselor who is dealing with the clients who are suffering from addiction disease has this certification. The counselors who are part of Caadac certification can provide training and education in any part of the globe. They become experts in this field and have the potential to help people who are dealing with the addiction of drugs, alcohol, or any other diseases.

Caadac is a certification for drug and alcohol counselors. It is a vocational course and sometimes it requires a license after passing a test.

How to become an Alcoholism and Drug and Abuse Counselor:

The counselor of alcoholism and drug and abuse works for society. He works for those people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Several steps include becoming an Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselor.

Step one: The counselor in this sector often needs post-graduation education. A counselor begins this prospective career to earning a bachelor’s degree. They earn this degree in a related field like social work, counseling, psychology. However, some master’s degree programs are also available in this area. This is often earned by the students.

Step two: Students research master degree program. Some master degree has a more competitive program. So sometimes students or prospects can apply for these competitive degrees.

Step three: Step 3 includes the internship program. For this career, one needs a proper license. So, the student does an internship in a reputed organization.

Step four: Student needs to choose a specialization program. They select the specialized subject in a related field. This provides an in-depth knowledge of the subject. The student also understands the core area of the subject.

Step five: In the fifth step one earn the professional credentials. The prospective counselor needs to earn a master’s degree in a related field and need to complete hours of supervised experience. Once the supervised experience is done they can choose the licensing examination.

Step Six: Candidate who completes the research part successfully and wants to start their practice as an Alcoholism and Drug and Abuse Counselor can earn a doctorate in this field. This degree requires the candidate to contribute research to the subject area and analyze the theories to the core field. The students also complete dissertation projects in the related field.

How a Caadac Certificate Holders Perform:

First, he does a meeting with the clients. The caadac certified usually uses this time to gather information about the client. While communicating with the client he tries to identify the immediate needs and begin the relationship with the respective client.

Second, need assessment is one of the main jobs of the caadac certified. He makes this need management on the collective information of his intake stage. The case manager also tries to understand the client’s challenges and problems.

Third, Service planning is one of the main jobs of this certificate holder. This work part is very important to the success or failure of a client. As Caadac certification member builds specific goals and takes the necessary actions to set the goals.

Fourth, understanding the impact of specific programs is very important for the member. He should continuously monitor and evaluate the client’s progress.

So every stage is equally important for the member who holds the Caadac Certification. At ADCSI many members proudly hold the Caadac certification and work for the society.


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