Types of Hosting Services from HostingRaja

In today’s era, it has become very simple to start a website.

Each one of us has been thinking of owning a website for our business.

To register a website, two things are taken into account:

  • Web Hosting- web hosting is a server that saves your files and data in the system and makes it accessible to others.
  • Domain Name- it means the name at which your website will be known.

The most important step here is to select a web hosting plan.

Many companies provide web hosting services. One has to be very wise to select a company for web hosting.

I have been using HostingRaja services and have no complaints from it.

Let’s discuss the different types of web hosting plans.

  • Shared hosting
  • Cloud hosting.
  • VPS hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

1. Shared Hosting:

The most economic and affordable hosting plan.

It is for those you are just learning to drive the car.

Shared hosting means your server space is being shared by many and you have no control and access over it.

It is like living in a rental apartment and sharing the same room with many others.

HostingRaja offers one of the cheapest shared hosting plans.

2. Cloud Hosting:

When several servers come together to form a link-up also known as a cloud, to form a space for more power and storage.

It is called cloud hosting.

In shared hosting, if there is more traffic on one site the other sites have to suffer.

While in cloud hosting if there is more traffic on one site from one server, your site remains unaffected as it is connected to the other server.

3. VPS Hosting:

VPS hosting is like living in a rental apartment and having a separate room.

You have control over the choice of furniture, decor etc.

Some of the features of VPS hosting at HostingRaja are :

  • One-click installation
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free backup and restore
  • Root access
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.9%

4. WordPress Hosting:

WordPress hosting plan is specifically for WordPress websites.

With this hosting service provider, you can easily manage your WordPress website without worrying about any technicalities.

Features of WordPress Hosting at HostingRaja are:

  • 2.5 seconds of loading time guaranteed
  • 2GB Ram for WordPress.
  • Unlimited SSD disc space
  • One-click migration from your localhost
  • Access to 20 emails accounts.
  • Unlimited bandwidth

5. Dedicated Server Hosting :

A dedicated server hosting is like buying your apartment.

You are renting an entire space on the internet server for your website.

You have complete control over it.

Though it is a little expensive plan but is best suitable for big business.

Businesses with high traffic, higher security and privacy concerns go with dedicated server hosting.

Features of a dedicated server at HostingRaja are :

  • Free inbuilt security software.
  • Free installation
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Best speed
  • Have different plans and special offers.
  • 24\7 customer support.

I have given a brief view on types of hosting services at HostingRaja.

You can visit the website for more offers and discounts on the plans.

HostingRaja is among the best hosting services in India.


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