Top New Features Of Adobe Photoshop 2020

Adobe has released Photoshop CC 2020. The new version has seriously useful features. It includes better automatic selection, new wrap capabilities, and a range of minor interface changes. All these updates combine to make you more productive.

This article is about the new best features.

Better Auto Selection

The command that allows Photoshop to analyze an image and guess at what you want to select has been enhanced.

Now it will more perfectly select the subject. It still needs some more modification but it’s an impressive first step.

Pre-sets improvement

Finally, after so many years Photoshop has improved the pre-sets.

Gradients, patterns, layer styles, and shapes, all have received new library content. Don’t worry if you love the old ones more, all the old presets are still available.

These items have moved from preset manager to Photoshop Panels.

Gradients are now available as Library Items.

The biggest feature is being able to change the preset. You can pull from panels to documents to apply. If there is a selection, they’ll be masked to the selection. Otherwise, they will appear as adjustment layers. You can also pull them directly to the layers panel.

Transform wrap

It is one of the best features of Adobe Photoshop 2020. It is now easier to wrap the shapes of objects.

With a layer active, choose Edit>Transform>Wrap or press Cmd/Ctrl+T and then right-click and choose the wrap. When wrap comes up you can choose a grid from the tools option bar.

Smart objects to layer

Back then, making layers from smart objects was really hard. You had to open the smart object in a new window and then pull the layers back to the main document.

But now all you need to do is Right Click on the smart object and then choose Convert to Layers.

Custom Content-Aware Fill

It is the biggest update in Photoshop 2020. This is the technology that amazingly fills the area that we select with the pixel exactly similar to the surrounding area.

Now we have three modes, rectangle, default (old one), and auto which is better than rectangle, and now we have Custom. You have to access this through the menu. You can check some videos on youtube as well for more information. Need high-speed internet? go to

Lens blur

Lens blur is not new but at this time they have added a Set Focal Point button. From the depth map, you can click on the image you want to focus on.

Cloud docs

When you choose to save, you have the option to save your file to a local drive just like before. But now you there is an additional Cloud photo option. This allows you to save images in Creative Cloud to access anywhere. This is up to you; you can save images anywhere and choose it as your default location and change it any time.

This option isn’t made to force you to save images here, it’s just here if you want to use it.

The brush tool has also a little update. You can now hold the Tilde Key, to make the brush tool into an eraser (temporarily). This a valuable upgrade, providing very useful new features.


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