Top DIY Garage Door Repair Secrets Every Homeowner Should Know

If you have a garage at home, it’s likely that you have invested in the best garage door you could afford. This is because a garage door does more than secure your garage. It also adds value to it and to your home as a whole. But, what happens when your garage door has a problem? Do you pick up your phone to call your local handyman or do you take out your toolbox to try to fix it yourself?

If you belong to the latter category, then you need to learn a few secrets for getting the job done. And if you belong to the former category and eager to learn how to do the repair yourself, the secrets to be discussed will definitely help you. Besides, DIY garage door repair will translate to financial saving in the long run as you won’t have to pay a handyman.

It’s important, however, to know that not all garage door repairs are DIY. Some are best left to garage door experts. Here are some of the repairs you can do yourself and the secrets for doing them:

  1. Garage Door is making an Unusual Sound

The most popular noise that can come from a garage door is a popping sound. If this is the case, it means that the rollers are worn out and need to be changed. You just need to buy a new set to replace the old ones. Preferably, you should go for nylon over aluminum. This is because nylon rollers are more durable and easier to maintain than aluminum rollers. If the noise is the squeaking type, then all you have to do is lubricate the garage door. Start with the rollers and then move to the hinges.

  1. Garage Door Has a Dent

If you have kids at home, this is likely to happen. However, you shouldn’t worry as you can fix it. You just need to follow these steps:

• Clean the garage door
• Cover the dent with a layer of aluminum foil
• Heat the foil slightly
• Spray carbon dioxide over the foil
• Wait to see the dent pop out

  1. Garage Door Not Opening or Closing as Expected

    If your garage door won’t open or close fully, it means that the opener has a problem. In this case, it’s either the limit switch or the sensor that’s not working. For the first case, you have to adjust the limit switch. For the second case, you need to clean the sensors to ensure they are responsive.
  2. Garage Door Not Responding to the Remote Control

If the connection is faulty or the power is out, don’t expect the garage door to respond to the remote control. Sometimes, it’s a case of the batteries being dead. So, check them. If they are not working, replace them. In fact, it’s advisable to replace the batteries annually. You also need to check the buttons of your remote control. If there are small objects trapped, remove them.

From the above secrets, it’s clear that not every garage door repair needs professional hands. Some are simply DIY and you just need to know how to get the job done. But still, if the fixing is beyond your capability, then you shouldn’t hesitate to call a handyman. You may save yourself a lot of trouble and time if you do so.


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