Surrey or Vancouver: Which Has a Lower Cost of Living?

Have you been looking into both Vancouver and Surrey real estate? If you are trying to decide where to live when you make your next move, you could have some problems deciding between the two cities. After all, they both offer a high quality of life for the residents who call them home.

While Vancouver is a larger and more well-known city, the suburban city of Surrey rests within the municipality of Vancouver. Therefore, you can search for Surrey real estate and still enjoy a wide range of the same benefits you’d get if you were to live in the city.

Cost of Living

Many people who are considering moving to the area wonder whether they should look for Vancouver or Surrey real estate. Of course, for most of them, the cost of living is a major factor. If you want to lead a comfortable life, it makes sense to live someplace where your daily costs are a bit less expensive. This gives you more freedom to make discretionary purchases, save for important goals and future plans, and enjoy more free time.

On almost all counts, living in Surrey is much less expensive than living in Vancouver. This is largely due to the fact that Vancouver is a large metropolitan area while Surrey is a suburb. If you still want to experience all the benefits of Vancouver life without breaking the bank, you’re better off searching for Surrey real estate.

Comparing Consumer Prices

Consumer prices in Surrey are significantly less expensive than those in Vancouver. If you include rent in consumer prices, then the cost of living in Surrey is a full 21.93 percent lower than living in Vancouver. Clearly, this makes a huge difference between the quality of life in the two cities. If you want to get more for your money, then Surrey is clearly the best option.

Wondering what the cost of food looks like when you compare both cities? Well, you’re going to pay 13.25 percent less for the same food you would get at a grocery store in Vancouver. And even if you go to a restaurant, prices are 11.94 percent lower in Surrey than in Vancouver. Feeling hungry? Then you may want to start looking into Surrey real estate.

Other Factors to Consider

However, price often isn’t a determining factor. Whether you decide to seek out Vancouver or Surrey real estate will largely depend on a wide variety of decisions you’ll have to make. If you work in Vancouver, you won’t have to drive as far to your job if you actually live within city limits. In addition, there may be more nearby cultural opportunities for you to take advantage of when you live in such a large, bustling city.

On the other hand, if you prefer a quieter and more laid-back lifestyle, the slightly slower pace of Surrey might be right for you. Before you decide whether you want to seek out Vancouver or Surrey real estate, you should take all of these factors into consideration.



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