Story of Pizza: Everything You Need to Know

The pizza, which is suitable for all ages, dates back to 1889. The pizza, which is decorated with mozzarella and tomatoes, is often called the food of the poor until it becomes a popular dish of rich people, and Queen Margarita uses it for breakfast.

Other countries later approved soups, such as basil, garlic, and spicy pizza, upon the arrival of Italian immigrants to the United States. The spread of pizza in the world is due to the popularity of it with the Americans. Back then in Italy, pizzas were served with mozzarella and tomatoes, but then served with different ingredients used today.

Pizza, which is widespread outside the United States, has become a favorite food for consumers of all ages.

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Popular Types of Pizza

Among all the varieties of pizzas available, some are more popular than others. And the most popular of them include:

Vegetarian Pizza

Vegetarian pizzas are designed specifically for consumers who prefer vegetables and whole ingredients such as peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheddar, mozzarella, olives, onions and corn. If there are ingredients in the pizza that you don’t like, you can remove them or add the ones you like. Vegetarian pizzashas fewer calories than other choices.

New York Pizza

New York pizza, which is popular with children, is more appealing to people who enjoy simple recipes. This light and easy-to-chew pizza is made from tomatoes, cheddar and onion slices. There is also a pizza that is made with mutton. You can choose as you wish.

Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan Pizza, which is one of the most popular pizzas, attracts every taste because of its rich variety. This type of pizza meets the expectations of consumers who like intense flavors using ingredients like sausage, salami, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, olives, corn, cheese and eggs.

Sicilian Pizza

This one contains Mozzarella cheese, Cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese, Gorgonzola cheese, tomatoes and various spices. You can be sure that you will enjoy the delicious taste that the mixed melted cheese fills with dried tomatoeshas to offer. The secret behind Sicilian pizza is its thin crust. You can taste the cheese better because of the thinner skin.

Chicago Pizza

This type of pizza in Chicago, which has a different structure than other pizzas, is known as deep-edge pizza with high edges and thick toppings. Chicago pizza to which you can add various ingredients as you like is also a pizza with thick crust.

Pizza Margherita

This type of pizza is named after Queen Margherita, while it is also the first pizza made, with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. That difference enjoyed by Italians began at a time of poverty and war, in which Italian women added ingredients to soups.

Tuna Fish Pizza

Tuna fish pizza is attractive to sea food lovers with its simplicity and lightness and is especially beneficial for those who like a diet. These pizza variants usually include tuna, corn, onions, cheddar cheese, basil and thyme.

These are the most popular types of pizzas that you are surely going to love. You can order different types of pizzas including Papa’s pizza in Kasoa, from us.


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