Spend Time with Your Love in These Romantic Destinations in India

Now that you are happily married in Australia, where are you going to spend your honeymoon? Are you thinking of India? If yes, this will certainly be the finest and most memorable experience of your life. It is because India has got a lot of romantic destinations where you can spend some quality time with your other half. There are a multitude of choices present in India when it comes to planning a honeymoon. However, you don’t have to get confused with the same. It’s because we have come up with a sorted list of the top-rated honeymoon destinations in the country. Now you don’t have to waste your time researching for the same. Instead, you can focus on planning your other aspects of the AUS to IND tour. 

These honeymoon destinations are surely going to prove to be a lengthy affair for both of you! You would be left speechless on witnessing the beauty and array of experiences you can try out here. Have a look at some of these romantic places for you to try out during your AUS to IND vacation. 

1.      Andaman

If we talk about the trendiest and very demanded locations for honeymoon in India, Andaman will top the charts! It is a destination that hails with utmost serenity at every nook and corner. There are so many beautiful places to embrace here and a variety of adventure activities to undertake. The secluded islands and the pristine beaches in Andaman would truly sway away your heart in no time. There are a lot of luxury resorts here. In Andaman, you can try out snorkeling and other water sports. Apart from this, you can also visit the various historical places and museums. 

2.      Srinagar

Srinagar resides in Kashmir that is also known as the ‘heaven on earth. The beauty of this place is incomparable, and while being here, you would never like to go back. Srinagar serves as the most romantic place in India. The timeless beauty, lush-green environment, and the mighty hills lying here all together make up fascinating surroundings. You can spend some time at the Shikara with your better half. Imagine what an amazing view that would be! On mentioning the best experiences that one can have in Srinagar, it includes the Mughal Gardens, houseboats, Shikara Food, and other lakes. 

3.      Goa

The hippy culture and the pristine beaches of Goa have made it an ideal honeymoon destination lately. While being here, you can party with your heart out loud and also spend some romantic time with the love of your life. The quaint and very beautiful sandy beaches here would serve as a perfect escapade into something special. You can continually gaze at the night sky full of stars while lying on the sandy beaches in Goa. You should not forget to witness the sunrise and sunset scenes while being in Goa! The nightlife, shopping, water sports, and beaches of this place make it quite perfect for newly-weds. 

4.      Jaisalmer 

Get the feel of the Arabian nights while spending time in Jaisalmer for your honeymoon! It lies in the Thar Desert and is considered to be the finest place for lying in romanticism. Jaisalmer is also known as the Golden City due to its sandy nature, and you will surely fall in love with its vibrant culture. As far as your vision goes, you are going to witness deserts. The locals here are quite humble, and their colorful attires would impress you. The various experiences that you can have in Jaisalmer include the sand dunes, desert safari, palace on wheels, local dance and music, arts and craft, and the festivals here. 

5.      Agra

How can you even miss out on spending some time with your other half in the city of eternal love, Agra? Agra has got one of the seven wonders of the world Taj Mahal, which is truly an epitome and illustration of pure love. Agra will give you a “Shahi,” meaning “Royal” honeymoon since the city has the Mughal grandeur. Agra is truly a very romantic place to spend your honeymoon in. You are surely not going to have any guilt for spending your time here. You can witness and pay a visit to the mighty Taj Mahal and other various forts and palaces here. While looking at these forts, you can witness the Mughal history and grandeur of this place. 

6.      Udaipur 

Udaipur is one of the most beautiful and significant locations in Rajasthan. It is also known as the “City of Lakes” since it acts as a sheath to a plethora of beautiful and pristine lakes. You, along with your life partner, can spend a royal stay in Udaipur. It is undoubtedly a captivating city that would steal your heart with its regal beauty. This city has an array of palaces, luxurious accommodations, cafes with a perfect view, and an architectural aura. You can undertake the trekking and hiking activities in Udaipur, visit Lake Pichola, Shilpgram and participate in various city tours. 


Not only the ones mentioned above but India has got thousands of other honeymoon destinations that you can visit. We have tried our best to get you the best choices of romantic destinations. Now that you have decided your destination, you should start searching for the AUS to IND flight tickets. 

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