Soft Skills You Should Add in your CV

Reducing your career path to one or two pages is a challenge for many people. But if you have just graduated or have only one year of professional experience, it can be tempting to make your CV and cover letter beyond your skills in order to compensate for your lack of experience. Companies are more and more interested in finding talent with soft skills.Discover the most sought-after soft skills that you should absolutely include in your CV if you have them.


Leadership is one the cv key skills. You might think that leadership skills are limited at the executive level, but in modern organizations (more horizontal and collaborative hierarchies), there is a growing demand for people at all levels within a team to demonstrate their leadership skills.Know the areas you are good at, be honest with yourself about the areas where you need to improve, and do not be afraid to stand out to gain new experiences. And if you do make a mistake, learn from it, bounce back quickly, and keep taking the lead.

Team Spirit

Gone are the days when you could get away with just doing the tasks or responsibilities listed in your job description. Traditional functions change rapidly these days and you have to adapt. It means working with people inside and outside your team, seeing things from other people’s perspectives, and working collaboratively to be successful.

Sense of Initiative

Today’s businesses need people who can take charge of their workload. Before completing a task, ask yourself the right questions: “Is this really a successful job?”, “How can I improve this?” and “Is it accessible and understandable for everyone?”. If you sound like that, you are going beyond what has been asked of you and, in doing so, you are taking things to the next level. This is what we call taking initiatives.


It is obvious, but you would still be surprised how many people find it difficult to communicate with their team and colleagues. Possessing the ability to clearly express what you are really trying to say, having the confidence to speak up and knowing what information your manager would like to know, are communication-based skills that will help you make a good impression in your place of business job. Including these skills on your resume, and even putting together a few examples of how you have demonstrated these skills for your next job interview, will help you make a good impression with any employer.


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