How to Avoid Cyber Scams In The Rental of Homes?

In today’s article, we will tell you the importance of internet protection, and everything you need to know about cyber scams in renting homes, how to avoid them, and much more.

The Internet is a source of opportunities, but also threats and dangers, especially if basic security and protection measures are not taken when browsing. The loss of information, data, trust, and money by cyber criminals is a million-dollar problem and a threat that increases every year.

And it is that cyber scams and attacks affect all sectors, from education, banking to the real estate world.

What are the cyber threats facing the rental industry?

The main problems that the real estate market has to solve are quite a few. Above all, the rental market is excessively vulnerable to cyber attacks.

This is due in part to the new computer tools that allow simulating offers and working through a modus operandi that impersonates real estate portals with false offers.

This coupled with a situation of demand for rental flats is a lethal combination since it endangers not only owners but also tenants who can be harmed by false sellers and owners.

These practices have been taking place for months in large cities such as Madrid or Barcelona and the FAI is informing real estate agencies about them so that they inform clients.

But it is not the only threat the industry faces, as online scams can take many forms.

For example, identity theft when looking for an apartment for rent, fake advertisements for residences at affordable, if not bargain prices, aimed at attracting college students, and offers on classified portals on paper and digital platforms that are not what they look like.

How to avoid cyber scams in the rental of homes?

The first thing we must know if we are tenants looking for a flat is to find out that the offer and the owner who makes it are real. To do this, the best we can do is use common sense and compare offers.

If an apartment has an unrealistic price of how cheap it is, the most likely is that the offer is false. We must always start from this premise. And is that pirates use all kinds of traps and baits to make us believe what it is not.

However, the market dictates a ruling when setting rental prices. For example, if in a neighborhood the average price of a rental is different from the offer, pay attention to the average price.

To do this, you can do it in several ways, consult an agency or agent to help you determine the average price of an area or compare in different portals between 5 and 10 homes to determine the price range of the same.

Based on their rental prices you can determine an average price. Taking this base figure into account will help you determine the offers when you receive a call from a “landlord” or see an ad with an “incredible” offer.

However, it is best to be cautious. Above all, when using personal data such as email, opening unknown links, filling in personal data on web pages, or similar.

You should always try to avoid providing private data such as passwords or important information such as account number or bank details.

Cyber criminals are smarter than you think, and they use all kinds of tactics when it comes to real estate scams. You can avail Apartments & Flats for Sale in Jumeirah Village Circle for better experience. Contact Zoomproperty and avail this opportunity now.

From seemingly innocent messages that may request an entry of funds to proceed to the reservation of an apartment to enter a false list of offers, to the request of a “fake” real estate agent that asks the owners for the property data to include it in a list of rental housing.

This list is bogus and the fake agent will use it to their advantage to scam other people.

Recommendations to avoid these Attacks are as Follows:

  • Avoid providing personal information over the internet.
  • Never open links from unknown websites, and unless they contain PDF files. If you receive a PDF file that claims to contain a “Secure Link”, never open it, delete it immediately. If you open the attachment by mistake or are suspicious after opening it, DO NOT click the link for the attached PDF.
  • If you receive an email from an agent you don’t know, the safest thing to do is delete it.

Additionally, you can take three steps to check whether an email is legitimate:

  • Hover over the email address or link and watch the pop-up text that shows where you are going. Please do not click on the link until you have verified that it is safe.
  • Press “Reply” and request contact information or a phone call.
  • If the request appears to be from someone you know, verify it over the phone or via email. In the case of email, do not press reply, but start a new message using your contacts.

The trick with emails using this phishing tactic is that they often look and sound real. Cyber criminals target tenants and use technical language that makes them believe they are legitimate agents and homeowners.



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