DIY Ideas for Making Gardening Gloves

So, you have interest in gardening? You just love taking care and grooming plants. While it’s a great habit to develop but not without proper protection. Oh yes! Gardening can be a lethal activity if you are doing it without wearing proper gear to protect yourself.

Tending your flower pots, pruning the lovely bushes and other similar activities can not only get your hands dirty but your hands may also get cuts or bruises. The sharp thorns of the plants or strong roots can cause a hazard. That’s why wearing the best rose pruning gloves or any other type of gardening gloves is so important.

You can purchase a nice pair of gardening gloves from an online store anytime. However, if you want to do something in your free time then how about making your very own DIY gloves for gardening. If you have the DIY skills then here are some great ideas that you can use to make your own gloves using common household items.

Using your Sweatshirt for Gloves

Well, it may sound confusing but sweatshirts can be made into a great pair of gloves. Sweatshirts are made of material that gives you a comfy feel and yet are thick enough to give you the much-needed protection.

So, if you have an old sweatshirt hanging in your wardrobe then it’s time for you to make them useful. Take your sweatshirt and turn them inside out. Insert your hand from the sleeve cuffs.

Make sure the cuffs of the sleeves are little over the wrist of your hands. After all, you want ample protection when gardening. The cuffs will automatically sit nicely fitted on your hands so there’s nothing to do much with the cuffs.

Now, the main work is making the finger slots. Stretch out your fingers inside the sweatshirt sleeve and carefully pin out the pattern of your fingers. Now that you have the pattern, sew over the pattern roughly.

Cut the sewed pattern area and now you have your glove. All you gotta do is finish the gloves by sewing the rough pattern using a sewing machine. Voila! Your sweatshirt is transformed into a gardening glove.

Using Store Bought Fabric for Gloves

Well, the next best idea for making your DIY gardening gloves is using some store-bought fabric. Use lycra or spandex material fabric as they are easy on your skin. However, they have a tendency to shrink so before you use them to make the gloves, wash them a few times to avoid shrinkage.

Now, the first thing you can do is trace out the pattern of your hand on a piece of paper. Carefully cut out the pattern. This will be your reference for making the gloves. Now take the fabric and fold them neatly twice, once horizontally and once vertically.

Then place the cut-out piece of paper over the fabric and trace the pattern using a marker pen. Pin the marked-out area and cut out the fabric carefully. Now take the front and back fabrics, match them up and sew them nicely using zig-zag or cross stitch.

Bottom Line

These are some great ideas which you can try out to make your DIY gardening gloves. Well, if you fail to make them then you can always order a readymade glove like best rose pruning gloves or other items available online.


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