How to Apply Foundation

If you are considering applying make-up, a primer on how to apply foundation is definitely an important item that should be considered. This article covers the various ways by which a foundation can be applied to your skin so as to avoid any unwanted effects and ensure that you get the best results. When you […]

Journal of Orthopedic Surgery and Research

The goal of the specialty segment Orthopedic Surgery is to recover the well-being of individuals with musculoskeletal situations by increasing evidence-based familiarity of disease progressions, promoting novelty in treatment choices, opening discussion to test the thoroughness of contemporary thinking, and supporting moves to shield the sustainability of health care distribution. Furthermore, there will be an […]

How to Use a Wedge Pillow?

Wedge pillows are in a triangle shape; they have a gentle slope designed to support your body to give a better sleeping time. No matter what position you are sleeping in, you will be sleeping very relax on a wedge pillow. This is a multi-purpose pillow. Wedge pillows can be used while reading or using […]

Best Yoga Poses for Core Strength

Summary: It is said a strong core supports building overall body strength, flexibility and improves stability. True it is, and with yoga, the task of having a strong core become easy which also supports the muscles, liable for every movement in the body, and creates a powerful synergy between the midsection and lower body. Know […]