Best Investment Apps in 2020

Did you know that banking, investment, and trading go hand-in-hand to make your money grow? If you’re knowledgeable in banking alone, do not worry because there are online platforms that can guide you in making the right investment or entering the right kind of trading for you. What’s nice is most of them can be accessed through your mobile device.

Maximize the power of your mobile phone by installing the best investment apps you can find this 2020.

Merrill Edge

Launched in 2010, Merrill Edge became one of the fastest growing electronic forex trading platforms in the US. They vow to make banking and investment more simple by providing access to users through their mobile devices, anytime and anywhere. Their app features interactive charts, heat maps, and a customizable dashboard which helps you ETFs, stocks, mutual funds and options at their convenience.

The Merrill Edge app also allows you to manage and monitor their past transactions, holdings and balances, and the latest market news on their devices. It also has a built-in planning and guidelines tool that helps you design your investment, education, and retirement plan. It also gives you the freedom to transfer funds to other Bank of America Accounts and monitor markets through the Apple Watch.


Stash is a do-it-all platform for your resources, allowing you to bank, trade, and invest effortlessly. You can invest in various funds and stocks for only 5$ without worrying about any hidden commissions. Another proud feature of this app is its mobile banking which allows you to receive your pay earlier, organize your money, and earn pieces of stocks through your debit card.

Stash also features personal guidance tools that provide free education and advice for those who would like to get smarter with their money. You can choose from three subscription plans that come with different financial benefits which are customizable depending on your lifestyle. With its simple automation, you can now develop healthy spending habits and manage your finances like never before.


Another top-of-the-line banking and investment platform is Acorn. With more than seven million users, this app has thrived beyond its competitors when it comes to providing top-notch services. For only 1$ or 3$, you can open your own Acorn account that lets you invest even the smallest change you collect from your purchases, plan your retirement, and earn bonus investments in just one platform.

Acorn also provides financial education content that will guide you on how to make decisions with your money and your future. The app features investment plans that can be personalized based on your goals, income, and future plans. The Acorns Later also gives you the option to save automatically for your retirement. Also, by purchasing products or services from their Fund Money partners, you’ll be able to earn rewards in your debit account.

SoFi Active Investing

In case you’re still clueless in which type of investing you’ll be fit to invest into, the SoFi Active Investing App is the one you should choose. With its Automated Investing feature, it will automatically build an investment portfolio for you or you can independently select from ETFs, stocks, and crypto. For newbies in the invest and forex trading world, be worry-free as SoFi gives you Stock Bits that allows you to invest in your own choice of company without entrusting your resources to an entire share.

For only 1$, you can have your SoFi account and build your personalized bank, trade, and investment account in a simple application. If you’d like to explore other markets, you can diversify your portfolio to various trading options which will definitely enrich your investment and experience and ensure returns.

Ally Invest

Whether you’re a novice to trading, an experienced investor or somewhere between the lines, Ally Invest can provide you with trading and investment options with some of the cheapest commissions in the market. You can now self-direct your trading plans the way you want with expert guidelines from professional financial advisors in the field.

With only 50¢ per contract, you can now be involved in options trading and access various trading platforms. Ally Invest’s in-depth market analysis and research tools can amplify all kinds of investment approaches which helps you gain advantage in the trading field you selected. It can also recommend investment portfolios that match your priorities in life.


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