All you need to know about Hotel Keycards and their Holders

If you happen to be a hotel owner or manager then it is highly imperative for you to ensure the safety and security of your guests that might be staying at your facility. Further, as a responsible employer, you also need to ensure the safety of your staff that might be running the operations of your hospital. One of the best ways of ensuring the full-proof security of the hotel would be to use hotel key card to secure the doors of the different rooms in your hotel. Over the past couple of years, it has been observed that there has been a definitive shift from keys to keycards in the hotel industry. Over the past couple of years, keycards have become omnipresent in hotels and resorts around the world and now they have more or less, become a norm. They are one of the best alternatives to traditional keys and they have been proven to be an excellent way of improving hotel security.

Why are more Hotels using Keycard Holders than ever before?

More and more hotels are using keycards because of the wide range of benefits that can easily be availed from their usage. Perhaps, one of the most significant benefits of hotel keycards is that they can easily be used more than once, because all you need to do to prepare them for re-use is to reprogram them. Further, if unfortunately you end up losing one of the keycards then there’s no need to change your locks because you can simply go ahead and reprogram another keycard. One way of ensuring that you don’t lose your keycards would be by using hotel key card holders. If you are intrigued by all that you have read till now and would like to know more about hotel keycards, and then continue reading.

The Key Benefits of Hotel Keycards

It has already been said that more and more hotel managers and owners are using hotel keycards and this is primarily because of the wide range of benefits that can be availed by using them. Let’s have a quick look at some of the key benefits of hotel keycards.

  • Hotels won’t really need to spend substantial sums of money to maintain the keycards and neither will businesses need to spend substantial sums of money on their upkeep
  • Another key benefit in the favor of hotel keycards is that they can be replaced effortlessly without the slightest of fuss. You won’t need to change the locks when you begin using hotel keycards
  • It is even possible to program more than one keycard for the room, it all boils down to your requirements
  • They are very easy to carry around and they can easily into wallets and back pockets and the hotel keycard holders further ensure that there’s very little risk of you misplacing or losing your keycards
  • Security can be improved substantially by using the hotel keycards because the keycards used in the past can easily be locked out

All you need to know about Hotel Keycard Holders

One of the most striking attributes of keycard holders is that they almost look like miniature folders to some extent. This is because most variants of keycard holders actually open up like a book and there are quite a few packets on the inside that can be used for placing your keycard. This makes holders very important for keycards because the design, functionality and other attributes of the holders ensures that the keycards remain protected and also look professionals.

When guests have checked into your facility for vacation or businesses, the last thing that they want is the unnecessary hassle associated with losing or misplacing their keycards. Thus it makes sense for hotel managers to give them keycard holders so that the keycard is held security at all times and is always protected from all the different elements that could have otherwise damaged them. With keycard holders you more or less ensure that the guests won’t have to visit the front desk to get new keycards.


Keycard holders actually do a lot more than what people give them credit for. They are underrated accessories but they are actually quite essential and many businesses have availed many benefits by exploring the full potential of such holders. Such holders provide a lot of space and this means that businesses can get a lot more creative and easily promote their hotel. Many businesses have added their logo, branding and other attractive designs on the keycard holders to foster brand recognition as well as curiosity.

The keycard holders have a lot of space and you can use them to put important information like phone numbers, Wi-Fi details and even the room number. Further if you happen to have a rewards program at your hotel, then you can use the holder to remind your different guests about the same and to potentially introduce them to all the different things that you have to offer them.


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