6 Tips for Designing a Baseball Trading Pin

Whether it’s a local tournament or something bigger like a regional club, baseball pins are always on for display and of course, for trade. There are several unspoken rules and etiquette to trading and trading pins are exchanged everywhere by the collectors.

However, to create a trade-worthy design, you got to keep certain factors in mind. The shape, size, and color are the three most important criteria for baseball trading pin designs. However, if you are new to designing a custom pin, or do not know where to start, here we are to help you out.

Here, we have shared a few tips for designing a beautiful and memorable pin for your baseball team. And after going through them you’ll hopefully be able to create your stunning design or be more specific to your graphic designer about the design.

Pin Type

When choosing the pin type, you’ll have two options to choose from – die-struck and offset. If the pin you want is more complex, like it has a complicated artwork or a lot of colors, you can go for “offset printed” pins. These pins can have 3D effects and are more suited for intricate detailing that your pin demands.

If your pin design is more basic and has simple logos and minimal color, you can go for a “die-struck” pin.

Team Name

While including the team name on the pin design, you need to consider a few factors. Is your team name long? How do you want it to appear on the pin? Is there a specific font that you always use for your team? These are certain questions that you need to ask yourself and come up with the answers. Being specific as to how you want the team name to appear in the pin design will help in the designing process.


If you have a mascot, it would be wonderful to include it in your pin design. That way, the trading pin will match all the other marketing materials. Mascots are a powerful recognition tool for your team and it’s super easy to incorporate it in your pin design. However, if you do not have one, consider making one today. Just provide the details to your designer about how you want your mascot to be and he should be able to include it in the design.


Is your team representing the state and do you want the state image to be included in the design? If so, there are a few options available to you as to how you want it to be incorporated. You can include it in the background or even as a home plate in the baseball diamond. Your state image can be portrayed in your pin on a small-scale or more visibly, but it’s for you to decide. And as always, be as specific as possible while discussing how to incorporate the state in your design.

Team Colors

Incorporating the team color in your pin design is important. It can do a lot in setting the tone of the pin design. So, always share the PMS (Pantone Matching System) color scheme for your team with your designer, i.e. if you already have it. Or, if you do not have it, be specific and descriptive while informing your designer about the team color.

Add Those Extras

There are all kinds of extras like glitters, blinkers, spinners, or dangles that can be added to boost the design and make the pin more trade-worthy. You can also opt for different metal finishes such as antique brass or gleaming silver.

To make a pin design unique to you, always consider adding details like age brackets, memorable dates, mottos, or anything else that you think will make people want to trade the pin. Just make sure the final design is well-balanced and legible.

Creating baseball trading pin designs is a fun and creative experience that everyone can participate in. We have shared a few tips here to create a stunning design and you can follow these simple guidelines and come up with a bright and outstanding design for your baseball team that will make your team proud.


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