Book Review: This is Sarah by Ally Malinekno

22360316When Colin Leventhal leaned out his bedroom window on the night of May 12th and said goodbye to his girlfriend, he never expected it would be forever. But when Sarah Evans goes missing that night, Colin’s world unravels as he transforms from the boyfriend next door to the main police suspect. Then one year later, at her memorial service, Colin makes a phone call that changes everything. Is it possible that Sarah is still alive? And if so how can he bring her back?

As Colin struggles with this possibility, across the street, Sarah’s little sister, Claire learns how to navigate the strange new landscape of life without her sister. While her parents fall apart, Claire remains determined to keep going even if it kills her.


So just in time for Halloween I read This is Sarah, a philological thriller (its the only kind of thriller I can read) about the lives of those left behind after Sarah’s disappearance.  Let me start by saying Ally Malinenko contacted us to read and review this book, otherwise I would have probably never picked it up on my own.  Like I said before I am not typically into this type of book, prefer more dystopian or romance driven books.  With that said I thought this was a fantastic book.

The one word that comes to mind with this book is Haunting.  Having the story told from Colin and Claire’s POV was genius, they were the two people who had the hardest time with the disappearance.  And Ally Malinenko weaves the tail of their suffering/healing throughout the year with grace and in such detail you feel connected to the characters.  Really the story is beautifully heartbreaking.  The desperation that Colin feels as he tries to hang on to hope that Sarah is alive still is chilling.  And Claire is trying to pick up the pieces of her life, while trying to get her parents to remember that she is still there was so real it makes you want to hug her.  I totally recommend this book to every reader.

5 Bards



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